Hey, hi, hello there!

"be the reason someone smiles today"

Full Name: Christine Rose Walsh

Degree: Business Administration and Marketing

School: Wilkes University 

Passions: drawing, photography, music, painting, philanthropic thinking, healthy living, travel, and making others smile!

Currently Watching: "You" on Netflix (so good)

Favorite App: Procreate on my iPad!

Best Gatorade Flavor: Lemon-Lime

Guilty Pleasure Food: Spongebob Mac and Cheese


*scroll down for more fun info about me!


With an educational background in business administration and marketing, I hope to find a job that feeds my love of travel, my passion to help others, and all the parts of me that love to create. 

I compiled a sampling of my creative works in the "projects" section above. Photography, painting, content and brand creation utilizing Adobe Suite software, commissioned coloring pages, and digital doodles are among my showcased work. 

Thank you for popping in! Let's smile, laugh, and create together!






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